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  • Aimi office chair Sale!

    Aimi office chair

    A sturdy, solid swivel chair chair, with neat minimal design. Suitable for office or home use.
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  • Aloid Lounge Chair LC016 Sale!

    Aloid Lounge Chair

    Aloid Lounge Chair Dimensions: W88 x D92 x H92 cm Only available in fabric
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  • arne_jacobsen_egg_chair_blue_2 Sale!

    Arne Egg Chair

    This chair is upholstered in a soft, strong cashmere fabric, different colour option available
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  • Arne Egg Chair Leather Sale!

    Arne Egg Chair Leather

    Egg chair with or without ottoman is ideal for lounge and waiting areas as well as the home.
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  • SMY15017

    Asiatera Chair

    this chair can make your house and office more fashionable,leather and russian birch solid wood.
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  • 未命名-3

    Awcero Chair R581

    Just like sitting in a density foam , cashmere interiors and chrome metal base.
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  • Bancom Chair H343 Sale!

    Bancom chair H343

    Bancom Chair H343
    HK$2,990.00 HK$1,780.00 Add to cartDetails
  • WJY15029A Sale!

    Banne Chair T80A

    Make your house and office more fashionable, Made of leather, stainless steel frame.
    HK$5,880.00 HK$5,280.00 Add to cartDetails
  • Barcelona Chair Sale!

    Barcelona Chair

    Barcelona Chair inspired by Mies van der Rohe offers the same famous scissor base design as our Barcelona lounge chairs.
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    Barcelona Ottoman T80B

    This chair can make your house and office more fashionable and comfortable.
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  • Bershka Lounge Sofa LC029 Sale!

    Bershka Lounge Sofa

    Meet the Bershka Leather Lounge Sofa, the chunky yet stylish design from our latest Armchair collection recalls the most comfortable seating experience.
    HK$8,890.00 HK$4,190.00 Add to cartDetails
  • Blox Chair LC028 Sale!

    Blox Chair

    Choose Suede fabric for a classy feel. The sofa will be ideal for use in lounge areas as well as private homes.
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  • RTS15008A

    Brokely Sofa L080

    This sofe can make your house more fashionable and russian birch solid wood feet.
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  • Candace Leather Relaxing Chair Sale!

    Candace Leather Relaxing Chair

    The Candace Leather Relaxing Chair offers you the stylish, contemporary style at a reasonable price that you can afford.
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  • charles-eames-style-rar-upholstered-rocking-replica-chair-swiveluk-com-20 Sale!

    Charles Eames Rocking Chair

    This plastic rocking chair’s subtle matte texture offers a soft tactility durability
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