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  • arne_jacobsen_egg_chair_blue_2 Sale!

    Arne Egg Chair

    This chair is upholstered in a soft, strong cashmere fabric, different colour option available
    HK$6,990.00 HK$3,280.00 Add to cartDetails
  • SMY15017

    Asiatera Chair

    this chair can make your house and office more fashionable,leather and russian birch solid wood.
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  • 未命名-3

    Awcero Chair R581

    Just like sitting in a density foam , cashmere interiors and chrome metal base.
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  • Bancom Chair H343 Sale!

    Bancom chair H343

    Bancom Chair H343
    HK$2,990.00 HK$1,780.00 Add to cartDetails
  • WJY15029A Sale!

    Banne Chair T80A

    Make your house and office more fashionable, Made of leather, stainless steel frame.
    HK$5,880.00 HK$5,280.00 Add to cartDetails

    Banne Chair T80B

    This chair can make your house and office more fashionable and comfortable.
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  • RTS15008A

    Brokely Sofa L080

    This sofe can make your house more fashionable and russian birch solid wood feet.
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  • charles-eames-style-rar-upholstered-rocking-replica-chair-swiveluk-com-20 Sale!

    Charles Eames Rocking Chair

    This plastic rocking chair’s subtle matte texture offers a soft tactility durability
    HK$2,590.00 HK$1,280.00 Add to cartDetails
  • Houser Table B98 Sale!

    Choff Chair N62

    This chair can make your office and home more fashionable and comfortable
    HK$3,500.00 HK$3,180.00 Add to cartDetails
  • Cody Plastic Chair01 Sale!

    Cody Plastic Stackable Chair

    The Cody Plastic Chair are an efficient way to save space for your commercial or residential design project.
    HK$1,390.00 HK$890.00 Add to cartDetails
  • kjhgfd

    Comrtas Chair X306

    Density foam and fabric upholstery,armrest in molded foam and wood legs.
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  • SMY15095-1

    Cseily Chair W057

    This chair can make your house and office more fashionable and made of russian birch wood, paper rope.
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  • curvy-casual-chair

    Curvy Casual Chair

    This curvy version is designed to be supportive, so you can just sit back and let the chair do the work
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  • WJY15024

    Detour Chair K05

    This chair can make your house and office more fashionable and made of leather, stainless steel frame.
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  • 未命名-3

    Eaun Sofa D918

    Back and seat in density foam and PU upholstery and chrome metal legs.
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