Creative Space Saving Solution for small flats

A small space seems easy to organize at the first glance but once you start adding hobbies and needs on top of 52 square meters everything seems to become challenging. The more hobbies you add the more crowded the space and most of the times the client would add a “keep it clean” condition in the end. We suggest you to keep calm and study the issues, there is always a solution.

A small proof we have ahead is an interior design solution of a very small space of only 52 square meters, the space is realized by a designer, Marta Badiola, so the problems were probably familiar in the first place. As a result we have opened before us a very spacious interior included in the Villa Piedad in San Sebastián, Spain. The color used is meant to enlighten the space and make it seem large, stark white, this bold color combined with the large proportion of wood which resembles coziness and warmth are an impeccable combination very well known and used in Scandinavian interior design.

In this assemble, a very important space resides for art pieces and paintings, the bible of any designer and cultural person, touches that in this simple interior are .The compact solution uses the mezzanine as a studio which can be transformed when needed in a second bedroom, therefore the living room is extended and features a great welcoming place for the office space and relaxation.
Homesthetics Conclusion:

Most of you would not care for this kind of solution and would consider buying a bigger space. As time passes we have to realize that we tend to use more space and the Earth is not getting any bigger. This solution is highly appreciated at least for considering this, for making proof that you don`t need two acres in particular to feel at home, that two acres can be cultivated to provide fresh oxygen or earn money.Just saying.Now regarding the solution, I personally appreciate, like most of you probably, the clean aspect, and the great use of the height of the room.I would highly appreciate to see your opinion bellow and to tell us what you think about sustainable architecture and global warming in particular.

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